Deadline extended till 5 December.

Dear Friends,

Today is the deadline for our fundraiser. We were aiming at raising
R 45 960 (about 2640 Euro).

And so far we’ve raised an amazing R23 400 (about 1 280 Euro).

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed!

Unfortunately, this is only about half of what we need to get Jenny through the coming year. 


But if we do a fundraiser for a lady whose motto is: “Never give up”, then we’re not going to give up at this point, are we? No way!!

And so, we are pushing the deadline back till Sunday 5 December so we can still reach our goal.

Please browse our website to read about what an amazing lady TROUBLE is, and what she has been up against all her life. You will see that she’s even tougher (and cooler) than Chuck Norris!

If you were thinking about contributing – please do so. Even the smallest amounts add up.

For banking info, please mail us at

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! Have a TROUBLE-icious day!!

Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan, Fundraising co-ordinator) and Jenny Symons (a.k.a.TROUBLE)

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