And the winners of the prize draw in Berlin are…

The prize draw always involves a lot of excitement.

Weeks of pondering what the perfect grand prize might be. Something, everyone will want, but no-one is likely to have…

2018 Prizes

Then, I had to get the “I love TROUBLE” design for the pens to the printers on time.

There were cookies to bake…

baking cookies 1Then I burned the first batch and had to bake some more….

Now it was time to put all the names into the hat (and no, we were not sponsored by h&m, that just happens to be where the hat comes from…)

prize draw 1And then, the exciting moment came. My little helpers took turns  drawing names out of the hat.

prize draw middle

And here are the names of our lucky winners:

5 packets of fresh-from-the-oven home baked chocolate orange cookies go to:

  • Harald
  • Anne
  • Klaus
  • Monika
  • Marty

3 “I love TROUBLE” pens go to:

  • Kerstin
  • Till
  • Susanne

And the grand prize: the supercool magnetic fridge frame magnets goes to:


and the winnier isSophie!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

I will be in touch with you over the next few days about your prizes!! (And, there’s even a small surprize for EVERYONE who took part…)

Thank you! Till next year…

Wrapping up – most successful fundraiser to date!

Dear TROUBLE friends, fans and aficionados

The money kept coming and coming, so we just couldn’t stop the fundraiser!! But we had to draw the line somewhere to do the maths.And the good news is: this has been the most successful fundraiser to date:

We’ve raised a total of R 51 040 (3 170 €)!!

That is R 4000 more than last year!


The total is made up of

  • R 2415 (150€) in regular monthly contributions
  • As well as an amazing R 22 200 (1370€) in one-off contributions – which topped our original goal of R 22 060 (1360€).

Jenny thank you 2018 small

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get quite as many regular commitments as we were hoping for, so we are R 3 200 (200€) a month short. But we’ve got Jenny’s accommodation and medication covered, and these are, of course, the most important points. We’re hoping that random contributions during the year will cover the rest.

So, if you still want to make a contribution, then please do! The money will be forwarded to Jenny, regardless of when it goes into the account.

Again – thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. God bless you.

We’ll be back with another fundraiser next year! Till then, have a lovely Christmas season.

All the best,

from Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE

and Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan and Funding Co-ordinator.)

Ps. Check out the extra post on the prize draw in Berlin that was linked to this fundraiser!

and the winnier is