Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Jenny Symons, but I prefer to call myself “TROUBLE” (a nickname given to me by my parents). I have Cerebral Palsy – a disability resulting from lack of oxygen to the brain in early childhood. In my case, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck during a very long labour.

I have had this disABILITY all my life, and there is no “cure” – I have to live with it and make the most of my life. And I have! I’ve won over a hundred medals as a swimmer and field & track athlete, have broken numerous SA records, hold five international medals and have broken two world records.

I’ve worked as a public speaker, swum with dolphins, “run” the Argus, done a bungee jump – and whenever I could, I went to concerts & sports events, meeting various famous people like Sir Cliff Richard, John Denver, Air Supply, Bruce Millar, Jeremy Taylor, Kevin Curren, Johan Kriek and Christo van Rensburg, to name but a few. And in 1993 I started doing art.

My parents were told I wouldn’t reach 30. I am now 53.

As some of you might know, my parents were amazing people. My father was a Local Preacher at PMC for almost 50 years. My mother was involved with The Ladies Groups, my brother Michael & I went right through Sunday school & we were both Confirmed here. My parents raised me to do anything a “normal” kid would do and looked after me their whole lives. They refused to have me put in a Home. But unfortunately, they both died, my mom in 2008, my dad in 2012. I have sold the house and have rented a flat, but the inheritance I have been living off is shrinking fast.

You see, Cerebral Palsy is a very, very expensive handicap (check that on google or Wikipedia!) I need R61 500 just to survive one month. Under “financial info” you will see a list of my expenses and you will see that there are no luxuries included- the main expense is for medication and my carers.

I need 24 hour care. The problem is that my condition is so unusual, I will not get the care and medication I need in a state home.

I only have money to last me for a few more months – that is why my friends have started a fundraiser and I am selling cards that I print myself. In buying these cards, you ARE supporting me AND I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO THANK YOU FOR IT.

However, this is an ongoing struggle, and I would need to sell thousands of cards a month to keep going, which is unrealistic – even for me 🙂  So – if you find that you can part with a little more money to help me along, I would be very, very grateful indeed. All details under “financial info”.

If you can’t contribute financially but want to help – I would really appreciate that too! Please look under “How can I help?”.

Thank you! And, God bless!!