We did it!! (No-YOU did it!!!)

Dear TROUBLE followers

What a nail-biting finish this year! Quick reminder: with only one day to go we were still 40% short of our goal, which was to raise R 45 960 (or 2 640 Euro).

But then: multitudes of TROUBLE fans worked some last-minute magic. Money poured in from all over the world, two sponsors even chipped in a second donation! And in the end we had raised a phenomenal R 48 175 (ca. 2 699 €)!

And so, we’ve even exceeded our fundraising goal, leaving Jenny with a little bit of extra cash for these uncertain times, where inflation is near impossible to predict.

We want to extend a humble, heartfelt thank you to each and every person who contributed so selflessly – especially in these hard times. Here is a note from Jenny for all our sponsors:

Jenny_thank you note 2 2021


In our previous prize-draws, the home-baked cookies turned out to be the absolute favourite. Last year things went spectacularly wrong with them. Flashback to 2020: the ingredients were all lined up and we were just about to start baking, when the phone rang and my kid’s teacher told me he was in quarantine with immediate effect because of a corona contact in his class. The uncertainty about his (and my??) possible infection made me stop right there. I didn’t want to accidently send infected cookies to our sponsors…)

So, this year, with no known contacts, the cookies were our main focus of our draw!! Anne (a long time super-sponsor) helped with the baking and contributed these amazing “I love TROUBLE” theme cookies:

Trouble cookies 3 _backblech IMG_2481My troublesome assistants then started to draw the names out of the bowl.

20211212_142244~4The winners of our mixed-cookie bags are:

  1. Suzi
  2. Sophie
  3. Kate

20211212_142239~2And the winners of the mixed cookie bags (incl. the special edition “I love TROUBLE” cookies) are:

  1. Alexandra
  2. Cynthia
  3. Nina
  4. Martin
  5. Anna

Congratulations to all of our winners! I will be in touch with you over the next few days about your prizes!!

Sorry to everyone who missed out – but THANK YOU for your ocntributions.

The fundraiser is dead – LONG LIVE THE FUNDRAISER!!

That is to say: if you were planning to still make a contribution, please do. Extra cash allows Jenny to take care of unexpected costs that are normally caused by medical emergencies, or her wheelchair, phone or computer (all of which have to be adapted to her special needs- making them really expensive.) We don’t want to set the fundraiser goals too high, but unfortunately it means that she’s always on a very tight budget. You can pay money into any of the accounts listed in the fundraiser mail, the money from Germany gets transferred to Jenny every 2-3 months. (One of our sponsors decided that Nov/Dec is a bad time of year for her, so now she transfers money at Valentines Day!) Any time is a good time for TROUBLE!

Again – thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. God bless. We’ll be back with another fundraiser next year!

Till then, have a lovely Christmas season.

All the best,

img_1418from Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE
and Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan and Funding Co-ordinator.)


Final Reminder: Funding Deadline TOMORROW!!

Dear Trouble Aficionados

ONE DAY TO GO on our annual “I love TROUBLE” Fundraiser.

Despite amazing support, we are unfortunately still short. One can really see that times are tougher that normal. Especially the sponsors in South Africa have struggled to commit to as much as in previous years, and we can absolutely understand that.

So far, we’ve raised R 27 900 (about 1 530 Euro). That’s about 60% of our goal, to raise R 45 960 (2 640 Euro) by Sunday 5 December.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so generously so far!!

Jen 2018If you are still planning on making a contribution – there’s no time like the present! Write us an E-mail at fundraisingfortrouble(at)gmail.com for banking details.

Please feel free to browse our website to out more about Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE (the incredible woman who we’re doing the fundraiser for).

And for all our German sponsors: take a look at what Anne has prepared as a special surprize for the lucky draw:

Trouble Cookies 2 _ doughIMG_2480 Trouble cookies 4_scrambledIMG_2482Trouble cookies 1,finished_IMG_1236







Thank you Anne!!

Greetings to everyone – and thanks in advance for making this fundraiser work!

Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (fundraising coordinator)
& Jenny Symons (a.k.a. TROUBLE).