Wrapping up Fundraiser and Lucky Draw!

We came very, very close…

All those generous friends, fans and TROUBLE aficionados out there contributed a total of

R 44 792 (2 757 €)!

That is 88% of the money Jenny needs for 2020.

Jen 2018And though that is a little short of our goal, it covers the essentials (her home, medication & nappies) and even some of the other stuff (phone/computer). And we are confident that the rest of the money will dwindle in during the course of the year as it has done in the past. On that note:

The fundraiser is dead – LONG LIVE THE FUNDRAISER!!

That is to say: it’s never too late to contribute. You can do so any time (please write us a mail: fundraisingfortrouble(at)gmail.com for account details)  The money gets transferred to Jenny every 2-3 months, so feel free to contribute at your leisure.
(One of our sponsors decided that Nov/Dec is a bad time of year for her, so now she transfers money at Valentines Day!)
Any time is a good time for TROUBLE!

For those of you interested in details of the Fundraiser, the total is made up of

  • R 3110 in regular monthly contributions (up from R2 415 last year!)
  • and R7472 in one-off contributions


jenny thank you letter 2019 jpg


The prize draw always involves a lot of excitement.

Weeks of pondering what the perfect GRAND PRIZE might be. Something, everyone will want, but no-one is likely to have…

Hugo ovenmitts closeThe pens were such a hit last year that we just had to include them again.

Then there was some baking to do: ginger cookies with apricot jam, with coconut flakes sprinkled over them…

cookies 2019

Then we compiled all the names for the hat.

And then, the exciting moment came! My little helpers drew one  name after the other from the hat…

lucky draw 2019 1

lucky draw 2019 2

And he are the names of our lucky winners:

8 “I love TROUBLE” pens go to:

  • Anne
  • Cynthia
  • Valo
  • Jeff
  • Teresa
  • Sonja
  • Julie G
  • Maresa

5 packets of fresh-from-the-oven home baked chocolate orange cookies go to:

  • Sophie
  • Julie K
  • Nina
  • Sanja & Irina
  • Annette

And the grand prize, the supercool oven mitts go to…

lucky draw 2019 3 Suzi!!!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

And thank you again to everyone who contributed so generously. God bless. We’ll be back with another fundraiser next year.

Till then, have a lovely Christmas season.


from Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE and Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan and Funding Co-ordinator.)