“Here comes TROUBLE” 2016!

The 2016 fundraising campaign WITH PRIZE-DRAW is kicking off in Berlin!

By 15 December 2016, we want to raise a total of 2 700 € (which would give Jenny an extra R 3 500 a month (currently about 225 Euro).

Of course we are very grateful for any one-off contributions people can make – however big or small. 

But we’re also hoping to find people who can commit to a small monthly contribution for one year (Dec 2016 – Nov 2017). 

We’re hoping to find:

In Britain/Germany/NZ/other countries where Jenny has friends and fans:

  • 10 people who can contribute 5 Euros a month
    (totaling 50 Euros)
  • 9 people who can contribute 10 Euros a month
    (totaling 90 Euros)

In South Africa:

  • 10 people who can contribute R 50 per month (totaling R500)
  • 9 people who can contribute R 100 a month (totaling R 900)

This would leave us with a little bit extra to cover transfer costs or currency fluctuation.

At the end of that period, we will contact you to check if you want to (and can) continue your support or not.

Please write to fundraisingfortrouble@gmail.com if you would like to make a contribution and let us know if you want to commit to a monthly one. We will send you the banking details by mail as we don’t want to publish them on the site (in order to avoid abuse). 

And finally: here’s the info on our special “Here comes TROUBLE” draw, which you can be included in if you make a contribution by 30 November 2016!

Here are the rules:

  • Anyone who contributes 10 Euros or more (by 30 November)  is automatically included in the draw. For every 10 Euro you contribute, your name will be put into the hat (so if you contribute 30 Euros, your name will go into the hat 3 times).
  • People who contribute 5 Euros a month will have their name put into the hat 6 times and those contributing 10 Euros a month will go into the hat 12 times!
  • Unfortunately, due to postage issues, we can only really include people living in Germany in this draw. If you live furtehr off but would like to be included, please write us a mail and we will try to make a plan.

And now: here are the 10 very cool reflector prizes that will keep 10 lucky sponsors visible and out of trouble in the dark days to come:

  • 5 round yellow smiley reflectors on a string (that can be attached to a bag, schoolbag, kitabag, dog collar etc. I guess you could also wear them as earrings or dangle them from your bike-handles). Each winner will receive one reflector. 
  • 3 pairs of high-quality reflector strap-on-bands for arms/legs Each winner will receive 1 pair.
  • 2 very cool round magnetic LED clip lights that can be attached to stuff (straps,  jacket-pockets etc.) These clips are very slick, latest design, new on the market. Think of the eye of a Minion (with a red LED Light in the front and a magnet in the back), and a thin yellow strap  which leads to another round magnet. Join the two magnets and voila! Your light is attached. The two lights will go to two separate winners.    

The draw will take place on 3 December. Winners will be notified and the results will be published here on the site.

GOOD LUCK!! And remember – in order to take part, you have to transfer by 30 November 2016.