Can I do something to help?

Yes! Please! We appreciate all the help we can find 🙂
Here are the things you can do:

  •  Say hello! Jenny loves company, but seeing the same people every day can get a bit drab. So if you also like to chat, you could write her an e-mail at fundraisingfortrouble(at) or contact her on  facebook.
  • Drop by or take TROUBLE on an outing! If you’re in the Cape Town area, Jenny loves visitors and is always glad for people who can help with some minor shopping. She also loves smaller or bigger outings (you could take a look at her bucket list, it’s on “More about Jenny – Texts by Jenny and her Family”. It includes Horsebackriding or going up Table Mountain (and tandem jumping! Up for that?) But she’s also happy to just get out to the mall, and as many of her friends live far away, this is not always easy… Please contact us at fundraisingfortrouble(at) to arrange a visit so that we can co-ordinate with the home.

  • If you can-  please contribute! No matter how small the amount is!! Jenny’s finances are a constant worry to her.  Cerebral Palsy is a rediculously expensive disability (Google it! You’ll see!) Every little contribution helps, that’s why we’ve started this crowd funding campaign. We don’t post Jennys Banking Details on the internet to avoid abuse, but if you’d like to contribute, please write us a short mail to fundraisingfortrouble(at) and we will send them to you.
  • Please spread the word!Beat the drum!! Forward info about this fundraiser to anyone who might be interested.



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