Update: 4 days left but a long way to go.

Hey everyone!

This is a quick reminder, that there are only 4 days to go on our
„I love TROUBLE“ fundraiser.

So far, we’ve managed to raise an amazing R 13 370 (about 730 €).

THANK YOU to everyone who’s contributed so far!!!

Jen 2018

Unfortunately though, this is only about 18% of our goal (R68 460 or 3 800€ by 30 November).

From past experience we know that a lot of contributions come at the end – so we’re optimistic we can still make it. But we’ll need all hands on deck.

To all of you who still want to chip in, please write an E-mail to fundraisingfortrouble(at)gmail.com.

And please keep beating the drum & tell as many people as you can think of who might be interested.

By the way: for all those of you living in Germany: we’ll be baking cookies this weekend for the prize draw. So, if you take part in the fundraiser now, you too have a chance to win!

baking cookies 1You will find further info about this fundraiser an about Jenny, the amazing person the money is meant for by looking around on our website.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! Have a TROUBLE-icious day!!

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