We made it!

Dear TROUBLE followers

We made it!! Our goal was to raise R 66 000 – yet this turned out to be our most successful fundraiser to date, in which:

all you generous people out there contributed a total of

R 68 460 (ca. 3 800 €)!

And so, for the very first time, we can cover more than the bare essentials – Jenny will even have a bit of cash left over to take care of some hardware issues she always postpones, eg. the custom made mouse on her computer that died this week.

jenny thank you letter 2020
Note from Jenny

With times being as hard as they are, we want to extend a humble, heartfelt thank you to each and every person who contributed so selflessly. When I told Jenny the final figures, she said it just made her feel so blessed, and so loved – and this communal effort means even more in a year where she faced extreme loneliness due to the lockdown. So – THANK YOU!!! Above you’ll also find a note from Jenny.

For those of you interested in details of the Fundraiser, the total is made up of

  • R 3 030 in regular monthly contributions
  • and a whopping R32 100 in one-off contributions


prizes 2020


I have to admit, I get all giddy with excitement prior to the prize draw- but my son ended up in quarantine exactly when I was planning to bake the cookies & get everything to the sponsors. And so (in order to make sure we didn’t accidently turn into superspreaders & send a whole-lot-more TROUBLE with the cookies than we intended) we had to make some changes and had to focus on prizes that can easily be sent by post. Even so, we got together some lovely loot, fitting to this unusual year.
My troublesome assistant then proceeded to draw the names out of the hat (there have never been this many!!).

prize draw 2020 1

And here are the winners:

3 bags with Glühwein-spices
(from the best spice shop we know) so you can make your own Glühwein to keep you warm for a walk outside with friends)

Sanja & Irina

2 sets of three home-made Christmas-cards
(so you don’t need to run out & get some)

Anne’s mom

6 “Spastic Art” bookmarks with one of Jenny’s motifs
(so you can spend the long lock-down reading away…)


prize draw 2020 2

Congratulations to all of our winners! I will be in touch with you over the next few days about your prizes!!

The fundraiser is dead – LONG LIVE THE FUNDRAISER!!

That is to say: if you were planning to still make a contribution, please do. Extra cash allows Jenny to take care of unexpected costs that are normally caused by her wheelchair, phone or computer (all of which have to be adapted to her special needs- making them really expensive.) We don’t want to set the fundraiser goals too high, but unfortunately it means that her technological support is often terribly outdated. You can pay money into any of the accounts listed in the fundraiser mail, the money from Germany gets transferred to Jenny every 2-3 months. (One of our sponsors decided that Nov/Dec is a bad time of year for her, so now she transfers money at Valentines Day!) Any time is a good time for TROUBLE.

Again – thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. God bless. We’ll be back with another fundraiser next year!

Till then, have a lovely Christmas season. And stay safe.


All the best, from Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE and Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan and Funding Co-ordinator.)


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