Extending Fundraiser till 6 December

Dear Friends,

We knew, going into this fundraiser, that this is an extraordinarily difficult year to raise funds in. So many people are facing financial pressure and insecurity. And so we are humbled by the amazing support so far.

To date, we’ve raised an incredible R41 165 (about 2 235 Euro)

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Unfortunately, however, this does still leave us quite a bit short of our goal, which was R66 000.

The amount of money we need to get Jenny (a.k.a. TROUBLE) through 2021 is significantly higher from last year (when our goal was R51 000). Jenny’s health has suffered a few setbacks, so that her costs for medication and nappies has increased quite a bit. And of course we want to/need to cover this as well.

And so, we have decided to push the deadline back till Sunday 6 December, to give everyone and anyone who might not have got around to it yet a chance to still contribute – or to pass on info about this fundraiser. 

If you were thinking about making a donation – please take the plunge!Write to us at fundraisingfortrouble(at)gmail.com for more info.

jenny thank you letter 2019 jpg


Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan, Fundraising co-ordinator) and Jenny Symons (a.k.a.TROUBLE)



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