Kicking off the 2020 Fundraiser!

Hallo again!

We’re kicking off the 2020 edition of the “I love TROUBLE” Fundraising campaign with the motto:

No end of TROUBLE this year

Jenny, September 2020

For those of you who don’t know Jenny (a.k.a. TROUBLE), feel free to browse our website to find out more. These annual fundraisers are vital in keeping her going – and every year we are amazed at the generosity of her friends and aquaintances, but also of many people who have never met her.

Last year we raised a phenomenal R44 792 (about 2 750 € at the time)! Thank you again to EVERYONE who chipped in!!!

That money has supported Jenny through this trying year – when she contracted Covid 19 herself – luckily a very mild case. She expressed her immense gratitude for being in a home that took excellent care of her, and our deepest thanks go to all of the carers who helped her in and out of her bed and her wheelchair, washed her every day and did many other things that don’t allow for any distance. Jenny recovered fully and was causing trouble again in no time.

Julian from our 2015 campaign

Now, we’re looking to cover her expenses for 2021.

Our Fundraising Goal: By 30 November 2020 we want to raise R 66 000 (ca. 3 500 €)

The plan is to do so by getting

  • R 3 855 (ca. 205 €) per month in regular, monthly contributions and
  • R 20 000 (ca. 1 065 €) in one-off donations.

In order to reach these goals, in South Africa, we’re looking for:

  • 3 people who can commit R50 per month
  • 3 people who can commit R100 per month
  • 3 people who can commit R200 per month
  • 3 people who can commit R250 per month

Internationally (from all the countries with TROUBLE fans, including Britain, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand) we’re looking for:

  • 3 people who can commit 5 Euro per month
  • 3 people who can commit 7,50 Euro per month
  • 3 people who can commit 10 Euro per month
  • 3 people who can commit 15 Euro per month
Our very youngest TROUBLE fan

“Regular contributions” mean that sponsors (maybe you?) commit to transferring a small amount (let’s say R50 / 5 €) every month for one year, from December 2020 until November 2021. Of course, we’ll be very happy if sponsors extend their support beyond that, but we will check in with everyone after a year to see if that is possible.

If a monthly commitment is not your thing, one-off donations are also very, very welcome! Even small amounts really help!

If you can make a contribution, please write to fundraisingfortrouble(at) and we will send you Jenny’s banking details (we have fundraising accounts in South Africa and Germany or you can transfer via Paypal.

Now we get to the good stuff, where we can give our generous sponsors something back! There will be a prize draw in Berlin for our German supporters (unfortunately, we can’t open it up to everyone, as postage fees are too high).

The prizes last year included some “I love TROUBLE” pens, 5 packets with home-baked cookies and the grand prize: super cool oven mitts! What’ll it be this year? Watch this space to find out…

Hugo ovenmitts closeHere’s how it works: For every 10 € you donate or pledge, your name goes into the hat for the lucky draw at the end of the fundraiser. The names of people who pledge more than 10 € go into the hat more than once – so the name of someone who pledges 5 € a month for a year (60€ in total) goes into the hat 6 times.

Make sure to send us a mail, of you want to be included!

lucky draw 2019 3
Lucky draw 2019

And, please remember to spread the word. Just 4 weeks to go!!

Thank you!!

Trouble (Jenny) and Yvette (Friend, Fan, funding co-ordinator). fundraisingfortrouble(at)


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