Dear TROUBLE followers

You’ve done it again!! We managed to reach our target of R 65 200 (due to radical changes in the exchange rate, we needed less in Euro ((3 275€)) than originally calculated). This means that Jenny’s expenses for 2024 are covered – and that she has a large chunk of money towards a new wheelchair.

A heartfelt, humble, THANK YOU to every single one of our sponsors who supported us in these complicated times. It is wonderful to be able to rely on a swarm like you. THANK YOU!!!


The cookies and bookmarkshave become all-time favourites, so we went with them again. THANK YOU TO ANNE AND HER MOM who took over the baking when I got sick. That was really touching – and boy, did they churn out the goodies!

The Prizes this year are:

– 3 big packets of yummy mixed cookies

– 5 small packets of yummy mixed cookies

– 5 funky bookmarks with Jenny’s motto: “Never give up!”

My troublesome helpers assisted me in the prize-draw again (though this year we took a sock instead of a hat).

And the winners are:

Three BIG mixed-cookie bags:
1. Martin
2. Cynthia
3. Patricia

Five MEDIUM mixed cookie bags
1. Kerstin
2. Carlo
3. Valentin
4. Elfriede
5. Alex

Five funky bookmarks
1. Anne
2. Teresa
3. Milena
4. Nina
5. Ms Hirth

Congratulations to all of our winners! I will be in touch with you over the next few days about your prizes!!

The fundraiser is dead – LONG LIVE THE FUNDRAISER!!

That is to say: if you were planning to still make a contribution, please do. Extra cash allows Jenny to take care of unexpected costs that are normally caused by medical emergencies, or her wheelchair, phone or computer (all of which have to be adapted to her special needs- making them really expensive.) We don’t want to set the fundraiser goals too high, but unfortunately it means that she’s always on a very tight budget. You can pay money into any of the accounts listed in the fundraiser mail, the money from Germany gets transferred to Jenny every 2-3 months. (One of our sponsors decided that Nov/Dec is a bad time of year for her, so now she transfers money at Valentines Day! Any time is a good time for TROUBLE!)

Again – thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. God bless. We’ll be back with another fundraiser next year!

Till then, have a lovely Christmas season.

All the best,

from Jenny Symons a.k.a. TROUBLE

and Yvette Coetzee-Hannemann (Friend, Fan and Funding Co-ordinator.)

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